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We are slowly beginning to re-open some of our activities. If you would like any information regarding activities please don't hesitate to contact Jo at info@mbch.co.uk for full details.

In the meantime, we will continue to offer our 'Sunrise' daily reflection so please do continue to check back each day, for a short encouragement.

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"My Perfect Garden"

Gardening drives me nuts! Spending hours and
hours damaging your back pulling up weeds you
didn’t plant, knowing that in two months you will
need to do it all over again, it’s too much. I have
settled on an historic plan to create a wildlife
garden. My understanding is that once you have
prepared an area and sown seeds, you can walk
away. Actually, my plan is not to walk away but
to put a bench in the middle of my mini paradise
and sit and enjoy the rewards of my wisdom.
That’s my master plan and of course it will be
brilliant. I’ll report back when my creation is
blossoming. The idea of producing a beautiful
garden that needs no work suits me perfectly,
but if anybody queries my reasoning, I will
explain that I am only interested in the welfare of
birds, bees, and butterflies. I’m happy to share

my space with them.


We read in our Bibles that, ‘The Lord God had
planted a garden in the east, in Eden, and there
He put the man He had formed.’
That sounds

perfect to me; God made the garden and put
Adam in it. However, there is a slight problem in
that we also read, ‘The Lord God took the ma

and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it
and take care of it.’
Hmm. I’m hoping that when
God sees my maintenance-free garden that He
will say to Himself, “I wish I’d thought of that.”
I’m sure that Adam would. So all I have to do
now is; kill the mountain of weeds, pull them all
up, rotovate the soil, flatten the land, position
some flags as stepping stones, sow the seeds,
water the ground and stand back. I’m smiling as I
write this because my plan is faultless. And it’s all

my own work, how proud I will be.

I suppose that if I was totally truthful, I would
need to acknowledge that the soil was already
here, and I didn’t create the seeds, and even if I
use water out of the tap it originally came down
from the sky. OK, so my garden is a joint effort. I
will be delighted to share my bench with the
Creator. That was the original idea, for Mankind
to share God’s Garden, that we call Earth, and
take care of it. I wonder if God looks at His

property and is saddened by the wild life that
seems to have taken over. As we live on, and
move around, God’s perfect planet, let’s
understand and accept that we all need to take
responsibility for our own patch, and let’s
remember what David said, ‘The Earth is the
Lord’s and everything in it.’
That includes my
wildlife garden, I hope He likes it.

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